Who We Are

Who we are

Owens Tech Group was created to offer a quick and easy online solution for the creation of the tri-fold display for students participating in science fairs. Our inspiration was based on the premise that the display board should not be the most difficult part of a science project. Our goal is to provide a streamlined and cost effective option to allow all students an opportunity to present their hard work in a neat, organized and professional manner.


For many students completing the project display board is often the most difficult, frustrating and time consuming portion of the project. Not only for the student but for the parents too! And for those who do not have easy access to a computer and printer it is almost impossible.

"Type, print, cut, layout. Whoops! Doesn't fit."
"Change font size, print, cut, layout. Next."
"Glue, apply, Uh-Oh! Crooked, remove, reprint, reglue. Repeat."


At MyScienceBoard.com students will be presented with multiple options for the design of their project display board in the form of templates.  Each template will be preconfigured with all of the required fields for compliance with science fair guidelines with options to edit, add color photos, backgrounds and more.  Once all of the online editing is complete the design will be printed and shipped direct via USPS Priority Mail. It will arrive as 3 panels, left, center and right, that are ready to apply to the student supplied tri-fold presentation board.

"Design, Apply, Perfect!"

Our Team

  • David Owens | Strategy
    • BS | University of North Dakota
    • MBA | University of St.Thomas
    • Responsible for overall strategy
  • Dylan Owens | Operations Manager
    • BS | University of Minnesota
    • Participated in 4 science fairs
    • Responsible for operations and technology
  • Emma Owens | Social Media Manager
    • BS | University of Wisconsin - River Falls
    • Participated in 4 science fairs
    • Responsible for marketing, website design and branding