How do we reach you for questions?

Follow this link to the Contact page.

What is your refund policy?

If your project arrives with issues that are our fault (smudges, tears, poor print quality, etc.) you have two options:

  1. Request a full refund of your order including shipping, or
  2. We can reprint your project and ship it to you via Priority Express at no charge to you

All other issues will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

How fast will I get my project?

Follow this link to the Shipping Info page to learn more about processing and shipping times.

What size tri-fold do I need?

Your tri-fold needs to be 36 inches high and 48 inches wide. This is the most common size required by science fairs.

Why don't you offer the cardboard tri-folds?

Due to the high shipping costs and potential for damage in-transit we've decided not to offer the tri-folds. They can be purchased locally at a lower cost.

What kind of paper do you print on?

We use a heavy-weight coated bond bright white premium paper.

How are the these printed?

The 36 x 48 inch templates are divided into 3 separate printouts.  The left panel, the larger center panel and the right panel.  This simplifies the mounting process and also saves considerable money on shipping.

How are they shipped?

The 3 panels are protected in a cardboard box and sent by USPS Priority Mail or by Priority Express if you need it faster. You can reference our shipping info here.

How do we mount the panel to the cardboard tri-fold?

The best method is with a glue stick.  If you use white liquid glue there is a chance it could wrinkle the paper.  Remember a little bit goes a long way. Follow this link for mounting instructions.

If I register for an account what do you do with my information?

We do not use your personal account information beyond what is required for billing and shipping purposes.  You're account will remain active after your project is complete however we reserve the right to close your account after a period of inactivity.  You can always re-register at any time.  

What resolution is best for photos and images

As a general rule the higher the resolution the better.  If a photo was taken with a modern digital camera or smart phone chances are good that the resolution will be sufficient for 5x7 inch or 8x10 inch to print with sufficient clarity.

Can I use photos taken from my phone?

Yes.  Again, in most cases the resolution will be sufficient to produce a sharp image when printed.  Be sure to use the Preview feature to see how it looks.